Who Wants Our Secret? Everyone.

Who Wants Our Secret? Everyone.

It’s pretty standard for companies to keep an eye on their competition. We sure do. Well, we did.


As the leaders in boozy frozen sorbet,


we now sort of keep an eye out over our shoulder because there’s no one in front of us.


No one is doing what we’re doing.

There are a number of companies trying to get the whole ‘adding booze to frozen treats’ thing right.


They just can’t.


Mainly because they don’t have our technology. Or our process.

It all starts with our vegan, dairy-free, all-natural sorbet.


Sorbet from an old recipe perfected over decades. But it’s our nano-encapsulation technology that changed the game.



How do we know we’ve got a target on our back? Multiple reasons. 


One time we set up a booth to sample our product and the line was so long—like, dozens of people at all times throughout the day long—that the city was called on us.


Someone had called to have the authorities check in on us.


Were we allowed to be there? We were.


Did we have the proper permits? We did.


We know it wasn’t one of the excited customers. It was another business. Flattering for sure. Really lets us know we’ve got something special. Or confirms what we already know, Spiked is special.

At another sampling event we were approached by an employee at a huge, well-known brand of frozen treats.


He wanted a sample.


He loved the sample.


He then spent hours with our team chatting, complimenting and digging.


It was very clear that he was after our secret.


So clear that he was straight up asking for it. 

When a new customer tries Spiked they are surprised and excited.


When our competition tries Spiked they are surprised and nervous.


Everyone is very WTF. But in this case, it stands for ‘wow, totally frozen’!

Epilogue: And no, the poor guy did not get our secret. But he sure did try a lot of samples that afternoon.

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