Spiked boozy sorbet nano technology

Dec 14, 2021

How We Get The Booze In Spiked Boozy Sorbet

The most technologically advanced boozy sorbet your tastebuds will ever encounter.

Let’s start with the obvious.

Alcohol doesn’t freeze.

Well, technically it does, just not in your freezer at home.

Not even if it’s one of those smart freezers that posts a haiku to social media every time you’re out of edamame paste.

That's why boozy frozen treats were always so disappointing. 
You get that unfrozen booze ruining the texture of such a delicious treat. Sort of like that liquid that pours out of an unshaken ketchup bottle.

Nobody enjoys that.

Spiked Boozy Sorbet uses something called nano-encapsulation technology.

What? Exactly, the scientists named it.

But the fact it was developed by scientists should tell you something.

Without getting into the details—not because we don’t think you’ll get it, because they’re patented—this technology essentially carries the booze in little molecular suitcases within our sorbet.

So rather than fight science to find a way to freeze alcohol, we found a way to hide it inside our luscious sorbet.

And to answer your first question, no, you can’t tell. There are no tiny bubbles of booze for you to bite into. This is not some sorbet version of frozen bubble tea.

This encapsulation occurs at a molecular level. You get the taste, texture and temperature of our sorbet without the boozy run-off of separated, unfrozen liquor.

Well, everything frozen melts so there will be some run-off if someone (we’re not saying you) lets it sit long enough.

Anyway, long story short, Spiked Boozy Sorbet is as technologically advanced a frozen treat as you’ve ever seen.

An alcohol infusion technology that matches the quality and taste of our sorbet was our mission.

Nano-technology with mega results. Mission accomplished.

Friends enjoying spiked boozy sorbet vegan treat

Be it folding your feet up onto the couch at the end of a long day of work or sliding your feet into those fantastic new shoes at the start of a long night of dancing, Spiked Boozy Sorbet is the treat you deserve.

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