Tech So Good It's An Ingredient

Tech So Good It's An Ingredient

Nano-encapsulation technology.

It sounds like something a super-smart, science-type person invents in the opening scene of a superhero origin story.

But it’s actually what allows us to do something that no one else in the industry can do.


Alcohol doesn’t freeze.

Meaning it can’t be added to frozen treats. Not in any palatable way anyway. This makes it extremely difficult for companies to make boozy desserts.

Well, companies that aren’t Spiked that is. Why is that?

Time for a tangent.

What is freezing anyway? Technically, it’s when a liquid turns into a solid below a certain temperature.


When mixed together, multiple liquids stay mixed when frozen. Because alcohol doesn’t freeze, it doesn’t stay incorporated. While the other liquids freeze, alcohol just sort of hangs around, all liquid-like.

The alcohol in Spiked may not be frozen but it sure as heck is incorporated. And it stays that way. It’s been tested. Spiked stayed incorporated and was not completely melted for 30 minutes.


You have no idea how difficult that was to test.


Not because of any scientific difficulties, but because it’s extremely difficult to leave Spiked laying around without someone scooping it up.

While the technology is wildly intricate and affects things on a molecular level, the concept is quite simple. This technology literally (and we hate using that word) surrounds the alcohol and then incorporates itself into our delicious frozen sorbet.

There’s gotta be some sort of analogy in there. Is nano-encapsulation technology like a trojan horse? It brings the alcohol into a party that the castle walls of freezing temperatures tries to keep away from the fun, party-going sorbet? 

Maybe nano-technology is like that fantastic friend who always knows just what to bring when you have people over. The one who brings the perfect bottle.

Spiked Boozy Sorbet is the party


and the technology is the friend who brings the alcohol.


Regardless, nano-encapsulation technology single-handedly allows us to provide you with our one of a kind Spiked Boozy Sorbet.

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