Spiked Boozy Sorbet Pint Cheers

Jan 31, 2022

Three Ways To Enjoy Spiked Boozy Sorbet

Spiked Boozy Sorbet. It’s a delicious blend of handcrafted, authentic Italian sorbet with an edgy hit of alcohol. 

Some may say it’s the best alcoholic sorbet available. But we digress. You’ll get the picture when you see how many ways there are to enjoy this treat.

Is sorbet the same as ice cream?

Absolutely not.
But does it share the same kind of flexibility? Sure does.

We’re talking about sorbet on top of pie.

We’re talking about a fruity, boozy twist on a traditional float.

Or adding a little kick to your morning stack of pancakes.

Whatever your poison, Spiked Boozy Sorbet can add a little ~spice~. 

If you’re looking to level up, give these sorbet dessert ideas a try. (Or enjoy Spiked straight up—you can’t go wrong!)


It’s a question as old as time: what’s the proper mimosa ratio? Is it lots of champagne with a splash of OJ? Or maybe you like it a little more balanced?
Either way, we toss that question out the window—add a spoonful of Spiked Pina Colada Sorbet to your champagne/prosecco for a tropical mimosa float. Think of it as a grown-up version of a root beer float.


A mixed berry crumble—or even a berry crisp—is basically a vessel for sorbet, amirite? Load that sucker up with Spiked Bourbon Berry sorbet for a dessert (or even a happy hour) treat that’s comforting and edgy.!


Ever been to a Mexican restaurant and watched a margarita-like concoction, complete with an upside-down bottle of beer, be delivered to a table? That, friends, is a bulldog. Add a whole new dimension to the traditional bulldog margarita by adding a scoopful of Spiked Strawberry Margarita sorbet.

Now, go forth and tell us all the ways you treat yourself to Spiked Boozy Sorbet!

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