The Pursuit of Perfection

The Pursuit of Perfection

So where did Spiked come from?


Allow us to borrow a line from an iconic ‘80s sitcom: “Picture it, Sicily, 1922…”

That’s right, Spiked originated in Italy decades ago. It’s an old family recipe.

Why are old family recipes always so damn perfect?


Did they start out flawless?




But it’s more likely they were improved over time.




Each generation putting their own twist or revision into the mix. Ancient recipe cards covered in notes, old eraser marks and held together with tape. And you know who the primary keeper (and improver) of family recipes are?



Everyone knows grandmothers are fantastic cooks. You wanna know why?




They’ve had decades of practice lovingly feeding their children and grandchildren. Making mountains of food to bring smiles to everyone’s face.


And the desserts! Nothing brings a smile like a dessert from grandma.


Maybe it’s because you get to have some before dinner (grandmothers don’t worry about ruined appetites—their food is too good).


Maybe it’s because you get an extra helping.


But most likely it’s because it is beyond delicious.

Now imagine several generations of grandmotherly improvements.


That is the recipe for Spiked Boozy Sorbet.


A family recipe lovingly improved over decades.


The perfect orchard for the fruit.


The exact time of year to harvest the fruit.


The exact length of time to blend the fruit.


The exact speed at which to freeze the purée.


These minor details have been fussed over and improved for decades.


And it shows.

Our sorbet is the keystone of Spiked.


It needed to be perfect. We were willing to wait.


Once you try any flavor of Spiked you’ll see what all the fuss was about.


And you won’t be willing to wait for your next spoonful.

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