Spiked boozy sorbet is the perfect vegan treat for your next party

Dec 23, 2021

Spiked Boozy Sorbet, The Frozen Treat For All Occasions.


Planning the food for a party or event gets complicated fast.

Your friend Sally is allergic to chocolate.

Marv in the warehouse is vegan.

Shoshana in procurement is off gluten (this week anyway).

The requests may come in timidly or like a preachy hurricane, but they come in.

And you’ve got to deal with them. You’ve got to find treats for the event that won’t kill people, nor cause that weird guy in IT to go off on a diatribe about how eating treats made from vanilla beans endangers the Ecuadorian barking spider.

spiked sorbet vegan dessert

You need Spiked Boozy Sorbet 

For your next event, for all upcoming events, for every event you’ll ever plan, you need Spiked. Corporate celebrations. Retirement parties. Get-togethers with your department. Friday fundays. Weddings. Birthdays. Reunions. You need Spiked.

Our hand-crafted gourmet sorbet
is gluten free, dairy free and made with all-natural ingredients.

Sorbet is fruit. It is not dairy.
And Spiked Boozy Sorbet doesn’t just check the boxes for awesome and delicious, it brings the checklist.

Be the hero. Once the plastic tray of sandwiches has become a battleground of fallen fragments of lettuce, discarded onions and mercilessly picked over halves of tuna sandwiches, bust out the Spiked Boozy Sorbet

Of course, if you’re considering Spiked for your next corporate event, you’re obviously planning something much cooler than a sandwich tray, but we just wanted to paint a visual of events that we can all relate to.

You want to take the meal beyond those tired old sandwiches. Do the same with the treats. Regardless of the main course, you get to be the hero with our boozy sorbet.

Be the hero with spiked boozy sorbet

Corporate events and parties come in all shapes and sizes. As do the dietary requests. Handle your business with Spiked Boozy Sorbet

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