Spiked Boozy Sorbet. A Delicious treat made in the kitchen, not the lab.

Jan 19, 2022

Spiked Sorbet: A Delicious Treat Made in the Kitchen, Not the Lab

Spiked Boozy Sorbet is made with fresh all-natural ingredients. 

Sure, the recipe is from Naples, Italy and is generations old, but the core ingredients remain the same. As does our goal of keeping it all natural.

If you want to see the difference, check out the ingredients in some of your other favorite treats. Some ingredient decks can read like a chemical equation. Usually because there is a lot of science (especially chemistry) that goes into the additives, preservatives and artificial flavors used in a lot of them.

Spiked sorbet dairy free

Can we talk about on the concept of artificial flavors
for a second? 

Such a weird concept, one that makes sense only when science takes precedence over culinary creativity. They need to add chemicals that taste like strawberries when nothing resembling a real strawberry has been anywhere near the product. 

Of course, we don’t have to worry about that because we use actual strawberries.

Friends enjoying spiked boozy sorbet vegan treat

Scientists for other treats spend their time analyzing things like shelf life, shelf stability and composition. They then go find additives, preservatives and artificial flavors to achieve the results they’ve calculated. It’s all about being in the lab rather than the kitchen.

At Spiked, we spend our time tasting fruit purees, sampling different fruit and alcohol combinations, and dreaming up new ideas we think would be delicious. We spend our time creating new combinations we know you will love.
At Spiked, we're all about spending time in the kitchen, not the lab

Is there science involved in the creation of Spiked Boozy Sorbet? There sure is. But most of it goes into our patented alcohol infusion process.
Which, as you will find out, is the perfect place for science.

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