From Gelato to Sorbet? Sure.

From Gelato to Sorbet? Sure.

Gelato is a frozen dessert made from milk, cream and sugar.

Sort of like ice cream.


But not really.


Gelato has a lower fat content.


And traditionally, gelato came in nutty or traditional flavors like hazelnut, pistachio and chocolate.

Why did we start this blog post with a paragraph about gelato?


Excellent question.


Are we going to return to the topic of sorbet?


We sure are.


Regardless of where you start, you never know where you’ll end up.


Allow us to explain.

Our master sorbetier (our word) comes from a gelato family. His father lived one hell of a life.


The kind of life they say you should make a movie about.


Originally from Italy, he moved to America and eventually Las Vegas, where he became a busboy at the Dunes casino.


A casino employee in the golden age of Vegas.


Yes, the stories he had were what you’d expect.


After nearly three decades within the hospitality industry he decided to risk it all with his gelato.

A gelato that was much loved by and begged for by everyone he knew.


Everyone wanted the next batch. Everyone wanted to be ‘on the list’ for this glorious treat. 



He started with a small shop and, in a short time, was supplying his gelato to restaurants all around Vegas.



Everyone knew his attention to detail and desire to keep his family recipe perfect. His son carries that tradition, reputation and big personality to this day.



It was this reputation that led the founders of Spiked to reach out.


To bring the family recipe for sorbet to this wild frozen treat perfectionist. He has been able to concoct our brilliant flavors and ensure our old family recipe stays perfect through an upscale in production beyond a small batch in grandma’s kitchen.



So as you can see—just like our blog post—you never know where you’ll end up regardless of where you start.

From gelato, to sorbet.

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